O cabelo de Mick Jagger é vendido por 6000 $

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An envelope of Mick Jagger’s “washed and trimmed” hair was snapped up for a sizeable sum at a recent auction.

An anonymous (and apparently very wealthy) buyer plunked down £4,000 — or about $6,000 — for a clump of the rocker’s locks. According to the BBC, that’s twice as much as the strands were expected to bring in at Wednesday’s event.

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Pensamentos tecnologia Daily News Net – 04 de julho de 2013

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US Postal Service logs all snail mail for law enforcement: The outside of some 160 billion pieces of mail were recorded last year alone – The US Postal Service records the outside of every piece of snail mail processed in the country, allowing employees to retroactively track correspondence at the request of law enforcement and national security agents, according to a published report.

EU to vote to suspend U.S. data sharing agreements, passenger records amid NSA spying scandal – The European Parliament will vote — ironically of all days, on U.S. Independence Day on July 4 — whether existing data sharing agreements between the two continents should be suspended, following allegations that U.S. intelligence spied on EU citizens.

German minister: Stop using U.S. Web services to avoid NSA spying – Germany is one of the most privacy conscious nations in the world, with data and privacy laws stronger than any…

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Pensamentos tecnologia Daily News Net – 03 de julho de 2013

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How the US (probably) spied on European allies’ encrypted faxes – Part of a secret document published by The Guardian detailing “Dropmire,” a program that reportedly spied on encrypted faxes sent to the European Union’s Washington, DC, mission.

Reddit, Mozilla, WordPress, and others plan July 4 protest against NSA surveillance – As part of the Restore the Fourth campaign, many website members of the 30,000-member Internet Defense League plan to display a protest of NSA surveillance and the text of the Fourth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution. Websites participating include Reddit, where Restore the Fourth originated, WordPress, 4chan, Mozilla, Fark, and Cheezburger.com. Organizers of Restore the Fourth are also planning live protests in dozens of U.S. cities, including New York, Philadelphia, Los Angeles, Boston, Washington, D.C., San Francisco, Houston and Atlanta.

Two free ways to encrypt Google Drive files – Encrypt text documents before you upload them to Google Drive…

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Trailer Park: ‘Boxtrolls’, e 533 crianças de Vince Vaughn

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New trailers have been released back-to-back over the past two days, with everything from Guillermo del Toro’s July 12 sci-fi epic “Pacific Rim” getting a final marketing push to Vince Vaughn’s new comedy offering its first full clip.

In “Delivery Man,” which is slated for a Thanksgiving 2013 release, Vaughn plays a sweet but unreliable underachiever who learns that he’s also the father of 533 kids, thanks to the anonymous donation he made to a fertility clinic back in 1994.

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Pensamentos tecnologia Daily News Net – 25 jun 2013

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Facebook’s dossiers on everyone: ‘Frightening’ – Facebook’s shadow profile data collection activities came to light Friday when the social network disclosed a bug fix. The security researchers who found the vulnerability, Packet Storm Security, say Facebook is compiling “frightening” dossiers on everyone possible, including people without Facebook accounts.

Australia temporarily halts PRISM-like data collection plans – The plan, according to Reuters, was for the Australian government to strong-arm ISPs and telecom companies into storing call logs and emails for two years. Other reports show the inclusion of Internet and related activities.

Snowden: NSA hacked China telcos, submarine cable network firm – Former NSA contractor reportedly provided documents pointing to the U.S. government hacking of major Chinese telcos, Internet submarine cable giant Pacnet, and Chinese research institute Tsinghua University.

Shielding mesh networks from prying government eyes – Employing a mesh network configuration allows users to form their own networks without a…

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