Pensamentos tecnologia Daily News Net – 25 jun 2013

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Facebook’s dossiers on everyone: ‘Frightening’ – Facebook’s shadow profile data collection activities came to light Friday when the social network disclosed a bug fix. The security researchers who found the vulnerability, Packet Storm Security, say Facebook is compiling “frightening” dossiers on everyone possible, including people without Facebook accounts.

Australia temporarily halts PRISM-like data collection plans – The plan, according to Reuters, was for the Australian government to strong-arm ISPs and telecom companies into storing call logs and emails for two years. Other reports show the inclusion of Internet and related activities.

Snowden: NSA hacked China telcos, submarine cable network firm – Former NSA contractor reportedly provided documents pointing to the U.S. government hacking of major Chinese telcos, Internet submarine cable giant Pacnet, and Chinese research institute Tsinghua University.

Shielding mesh networks from prying government eyes – Employing a mesh network configuration allows users to form their own networks without a…

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